Describing Social Work Students’ Experiences in Outreach Program in a Subanen Community


  • Jason Enmacino Saint Columban College, Philippines
  • Symond Rey Repal Saint Columban College, Philippines
  • Nikko Briones Saint Columban College, Philippines
  • Remy Richie Ferrater Saint Columban College, Philippines
  • Andres Kim Apoya Saint Columban College, Philippines



Social Workers, Social Work Students, Community, Outreach Program


Social workers are essential in society. They help the community by assisting in conducting plans and providing resources to the community. As social work students, community services like outreach programs are recognized as one of the significant components of social work education and a major determinant of its quality. A community outreach program may enhance the understanding and responsibilities of a social work student. This study describes the experiences of third-year social work students who engaged in community outreach programs within the Subanen community. The study employed a qualitative research design with a case study methodology, and through analysis of participant narratives, the researchers concluded that the students perceived their experiences as both challenging and fulfilling, often accompanied by a sense of culture shock.  The research participants also employed resilience and teamwork to cope with different challenges and successfully carry out their planned activities.


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